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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Spatial Augmented Reality, Projections, Visual Effects, Motion Capture, Kinect, Pseudo 3D, Experimental, Motion Tracking, Post Production, Mixed Media, Game Engines, Scripting, Artificial Intelligence, Stereo Video, Stereo Photography, Consultation




Samuli Homanen

Visual artist & TD

I am a creative technical artist with a focus to create immersive links between world (as we know it) and spaces we cannot see or imagine.

Samuli Homanen

CV & Awards


2021 Arcada - Master of Culture and Arts, Media Management
2020 HAMK - Teacher's pedagogigal qualification (AmO)
2016- Studies in Educational Sciences - University of Helsinki
2012 Humak - Adventure Education Specialization Program (Level 1 & 2).
2009- Aalto University School of Art and Design - Medialab Master's Programme
2007- University of Lapland - Audiovisual Mediaculture Master's Programme
2005 Tampere Polytechnic - School of Art and Media - TTVO
2000 Highschool of Communication - Paltamo


2023 Unreal Authorized Instructor - Training Partner of Epic Games
2021- Metropolia University of Applied Sciences - Senior Lecturer of Motion Graphics
2009-2021 Nitro Film - Technical Director and Visual Artist
2006-2009 Lapland Studio - Technical Director and Director
2008 NitroFX - On set VFX Supervisor
2006 Seven-1 Oy - 3D Generalist and Graphic Designer
2005-2006 Lapland Studio/Motion Capture Studio Oy - Technical Director
2004 Fido Film Ab Stockholm - VFX Generalist
1999-2000 NettikauppaNK Oy - Webdesigner and coder
1997-2002 Jukka Laukkanen Oy - Graphic and Multimedia Designer
1996-2004 Freelancer

Teaching & Lectures

2024 Digital Creative Industries and Beyond - Virtual Production Pilot Program - Lecturer of Virtual Production and ICVFX
2023 Tampere UAS - VFX Artist for Audiovisual Productions - Specialization Education - Visiting Lecturer of VFX
2023 Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre - IMMEDIA - ICVFX with game engines
2021- Metropolia University of Applied Sciences - Senior Lecturer of Motion Graphics
2022 Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre - IMMEDIA - Virtual production
2013-2020 North Karelia College Game design - Visiting assessor
2008 University of Lapland - Digital post production of Finnish movies
2008 Nordic Game Conference - Animation in games
2008 North Karelia College Game design - Music video pipeline
2007 Assembly 2007 - Animation and cinematic pipelines
2007 North Karelia College Game design - Visiting lecturer - Staff support
2006 Ylä-Savo Vocational School - Full time teacher of movie and tv-industry
2006 Municipality of Rovaniemi/Lapland Studio Oy - Full time teacher of 3d and visual effects.
2003 Highschool of Communication Paltamo - Teacher of New Media
2002-2004 Tampere Polytechnic School of Art and Media (TTVO) - Part time teacher
1999-2005 Open College of Paltamo - Part time teacher of video editing and animation
1999-2000 Highschool of Communication Paltamo - Part time teacher of coding

Awards, Scholarships and Grants

2023 Team winner - Epic Bootcamp Animation 2023
2022 Team winner of Capstone project - Summer Of Unreal 2022
2019 Shortlisted at Opera beyond First Session - competition by Finnish National Opera and Ballet with the work “Autopoetic”
2016 Cannes - Shortlisted on Lions with the work "Vianor - Hammerfall"
2015 Effie - Pronze with the work "Vianor - Hammerfall"
2015 Effie - Public Choice Award with the work "Vianor - Hammerfall"
2014 Voitto - Pronze with the work "Mestaruuteen tarvitaan Mertsi"
2014 GrandOne - Honorable mention with the work "Elematic Bauma"
2013 Aurinkomatkat Videoteam Competition winner
2013 Voitto - Shortlisted with the work Mainoksen musiikki - Radio Nova
2012 VIMFF Mountain Photography Competition - Honorable mention
2012 Winner of a photo competition held by PETZL Roctrip
2012 Vuoden huiput - Gold with the work "Miehen tie"
2012 Voitto - Pronze with the work "Miehen tie"
2012 Kuukauden parhaat sekunnit MTV3 winner with the work "Mainoksen musiikki"
2012 Suomen markkinointiliiton paikallisgaala. Winner with the work "Miehen tie"
2011 World Media Festival Hamburg - Winner with the work "The Evolution of Security"
2011 Shortlisted at Vuoden huiput with the work "Heikki Hangessa"
2010 Voitto - Crowds favorite with the work "Heikki hangessa"
2010 Voitto suomalainen mainoselokuvakilpailu - Pronze with the work "Heikki hangessa"
2010 Best local tv-commercial Tampere / Kanta-Häme with the work YIT
2009 Media & Message - best commercial with the work "Heikki hangessa"
2009 Shortlisted at Eurobest Integrated with the work "Lahti AQUA"
2008 Suomen Elokuvasäätiö SES - Animaatioelokuvien kehittelyprojektituki
2008 Shortlisted for Euro Excellence Awards with the work "Powerflute"
2008 Golden Muuvi: Finnish Best Music Video of the year "Nightwish - The Islander"
2008 Oulu Music Video Festival - The Peoples Choice Award "Nightwish - The Islander"
2003 Winner of an MTV (Music Television) Animation Competition "Tolerance"
2003 Game of "Gussy the Kangaroo/Kössi Kenguru" in the final of Mindtrek
2000 Scholarship of information technology by Finnish National Board of Education
1998 Winner of a multimedia competition held by Freenet-Finland